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WSB is the leader produrer, supplier and installation of state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor soccer systems,
5-a-side indoor and outdoor fields, Jorkyball 2v2 soccer and multi-sports fields.
WSB is the exclusive worldwide manufacturer for Fut5® and Jorkyball® fields. The materials we used are certified by many Football Federations all over the world.
All our products are developed and customized according to your needs, while respecting safety and quality standards.
Several custom options are available: glass walls, a choice of colors, and latest-generation turf.
Cabled corner posts to simplify video and sound system installation.
LED or traditional lighting: our engineers will offer a performance analysis at no cost to let you compare the different options on the market.

Please ask for the technical sheets of our products: 
• Technical characteristics of the pitch
• Technical files for turf
• Technical structural files
• Examples of lighting studies
  • Multi-activities are now more than just an option.
As ideal complements to an indoor football center that help to diversify the offer and to take advantage of times that would otherwise be inoperative, here are our solutions to fill out the sports offering of your indoor football club.

Padel fields: a new trend in sports centers, these are mini-tennis courts, measuring 20mt x 10mt, entirely secured and enclosed in glass. Synthetic turf guarantees excellent comfort while playing.

Jorkyball® fields: this is a 10m x 5m playing field for a game blending football and squash, with walls made of safety Plexiglas® and of white sandwich panels. The ground is red and green synthetic turf and the roof is nylon netting. The game is very fun, and can be played 2-against-2, using the walls of the pitch as if it was a pool table.

3x3 and 4x4 soccer fields: the playing field is 8/12m minimum and 19/13m maximum, but we can also create them depending on the availability of space. The floor covering is a latest-generation synthetic green turf marked with white lines. This surface is surrounded with walls (1m high) made of medium-type MDF panels extended with green nylon netting up to 4mt. covering the field to form a roof.
Soccer/tennis/badminton multisport fields: this solution is both a practical and economical way to better take advantage of a space corresponding to a tennis court. Laid out and composed of several colors using coverings that are specially designed for this usage, they will help you exploit different times and types of customers without giving up the original tennis court.

Squash courts: the dimensions of these courts are 6.40m for the wall, 9.75m long and 5.80m high (including the floor).  COURTWALL courts are completely modular and can be disassembled. They’re recognized and accredited by the World Squash Federation.
Indoor and outdoor soccer pitch manufacturer

Indoor and outdoor soccer pitch manufacturer

5-a-side, Jorkyball, Padel, Squash
Customize your indoor soccer center with WSB Sports

Customize your indoor soccer center with WSB Sports

Reception, function hall, locker rooms, floor coverings, etc.